Amulet of Knoss

Has unknown powers over dragons


Created by the elves in Krythar at a time when elves and dragons were friends.
Captured by Ballach the Bold during the War of Man, then used by St. Stephen to conquer the dragons.

St. Stephen brought the amulet with him when escaping Krythar to Eraven.

Centuries later, the Fearsome Four made a magical pact involving the amulet. Sir Legiawin wielded the amulet, as part of this pact, to defeat the red dragon Celobae. At the end of this deadly encounter, Sir Legiawin was dead, and Celobae was turned to stone.

Now, almost 100 years later, Celobae’s mate, Zorgon, is trying to find the amulet as part of his quest to turn his mate back to flesh. The Descendant Finders are trying to stop him.

Amulet of Knoss

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